Sunday School Store Unveils Olympic-Themed Childrens Ministry Curriculum

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 7:08pm UTC
Sellersburg, Indiana -

The Sunday School Store has launched its newest children's ministry curriculum called "Summer Games." This new curriculum is designed to keep children engaged and learning during the hot summer months. It's meant for kids aged 6-12 and uses the excitement of the Olympic Games to teach lessons about the Christian life. The curriculum includes three main lessons: "Training to Win," "Running the Race," and "Finishing Strong." Each lesson is filled with interactive activities, Bible stories, and creative projects.

The resources provided include group games, object lessons, interactive Bible stories, discussion guides, craft activities, word searches, and coloring pages. For $37, it is available for instant PDF download, making it easy to use for children's church or Sunday school settings.

Summer Games Children

Tony Kummer, the founder of The Sunday School Store, shared his excitement about the new release. "We wanted to create something that would resonate with children and keep them excited about their faith," Kummer said. "The Olympic Games theme is a perfect fit because it teaches valuable life lessons like discipline, perseverance, and finishing strong in one's faith journey."

The Sunday School Store, based in the U.S., specializes in providing educational materials for children in church programs. Their offerings include a 52-week curriculum, free downloads, Easter curriculum, and new releases for various age groups. Their goal is to make Bible lessons engaging and accessible for all children. More information about these offerings can be explored at their main site.

Alongside the "Summer Games" curriculum, The Sunday School Store also has other resources like their Gospel Jesus Curriculum. This focuses on teaching children about Jesus and the Gospel with lessons, activities, and other resources to help them understand His teachings.

One satisfied customer, Yolanda Simonson, shared her experience. "Such a blessing! I had been praying about finding a biblical curriculum for the summer with an 'Olympic' theme. God answered my prayers with this special gift! Grateful for how the Lord is using you," Simonson said.

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The positive response to this new curriculum shows The Sunday School Store's commitment to supporting small churches and their mission to teach children in a fun and meaningful way. They offer various educational materials for different times of the year, including specialized content for Easter and summer.

To stay updated on new releases, you can follow The Sunday School Store's press page here: This page provides the latest curriculum and resources available for ministry needs.

In short, The Sunday School Store's "Summer Games" children's ministry curriculum aims to bring an engaging, sports-centered learning experience to summer Sunday schools and children's church programs. With its interactive activities, it offers a fun way for children to learn important values and Bible stories. This new curriculum continues the company's commitment to providing quality educational materials for young learners in faith-based programs.

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